So for those who want to learn Cielo de la asad on his mask form, I will show you all I know with his combos.
No, I will not list the moves, because I already took the whole character page lol.


The first thing you wanna do is go straight to your enemy without getting hurt, then use your jump (E) to take some of their health.

Next you wanna use your Orb (LMB) and fire it at the enemy, and if it hits, you will have succeeded to the next move.

If not, then the accuracy of your next move will lower. So quickly tag the enemy with (RMB) and you will see the enemy is low (depending on their HP.)

Then use R to nuke their hp down. If you're going against a tank like (Zac Ramsay,Chillian,etc) just use F and you might as well kill them, If not then repeat.

Griff's normal strategy:

Cielo is an aether character, making him dependant on movement. Mainly you want to avoid the opponent, and only strike when you are sure you won't take much damage. He does have 1 move that can hit from a distance, but requires another move to use. If you use LMB to RMB to R (while you are in the orb), you can hit the opponent from a distance to do minor damage (both forms). E on Phantom Mask (I think) does lifesteal, so using R to E would be a nice way to gain hp, as R dashes to the opponent. This can also be followed up with RMB, to do some extra damage, but it will also make you more vulnerable to be killed, so think before you use this. Normal Cielo's F is destructive, but it makes you extremely vulnerable if you don't land it. I suggest using this only as a flashy finisher, because this is one of the riskiest moves in the game. PM Cielo's F is a nice AOE attack that can be used to space out opponents and keep them away so you can avoid damage. :u


Sorry this is my first time using a wiki page,Thank you for reading my strategy.