As a former Sig main in PVP I, newnath will give some tips on how to use Sig.

Moves Edit

Left Click: It shoots out slow moving red smoke dealing 150 damage in PVE and 15 damage in PVP, you can use this 3 times at 0/0/0, 8 times at 15/15/15 and 16 times at 50/50/50.

E: It creates a red cube which deals as much damage as your left click, pretty useless if you ask me.

R: Shoots out green smoke that deals as much damage as the left click and also stunning any enemy hit.

F: Creates a bunch of black smoke that deals as much damage as your left click as well as 10 life steal in PVE and 5 life steal in PVP, it also blinds people.

PVE Edit

0/0/0 Sig is pretty bad in PVE due to low health and the fact that stun moves barely work so it's a good idea to upgrade him.

  • His first upgrade is to increase his left click's projectile count, upgrading this lets him spam left click a lot.
  • His second upgrade increases his health, it should be no secret why this makes him better.
  • His third upgrade decreases his F's cooldown, Sig's F move is the only one that doesn't have a short cooldown so if you want to troll the crap out of people then upgrade Sig to 50/50/50 :U

PVP Edit

The move you'll rely on the most is his R move, as it's able to stun players for a couple of seconds allowing you to attack them with your left click and deal a significant amount of damage, if it misses or you're not sure it will hit then you can always slowly drain people's health by using the left click alone, keep in mind that all of Sig's projectiles are slow and don't have that much range so he's better at medium range, his F can also make it hard for enemy's to hit you because they'll be blinded.

In short: Use Left click to damage people, NEVER use E, use R to Stun and use F to blind people.