Etaleo Callidum is a limited shop character, who can be rather difficult to play, due to his aiming difficulties. Because of this, normal players are put off by him.

Moves Edit

Key Desc DMG Cooldown
LMB Etaleo throws 3 playing cards, with the effect of his E. ??? 2 Seconds
E Etaleo switches the kind of playing card fired. Red is damage, yellow is a minion, and green is healing. Red - 200

Yellow - 125 + minion dmg

Green - 50 healing

5 Seconds
R Etaleo spins in a circle, firing 8 cards of random color. ??? 7 Seconds
F Etaleo adds a homing effect to his cards for 7 seconds. N/A 30 Seconds

Tips Edit

If you're going to play as Etaleo, find a role and stick with it. If you want to summon minions in the back-lines, then stick with summoning minions. If you want to stick near people and heal them, stick with healing. If you want to rush in and deal damage, then stick with dealing damage, especially for this one, since switching cards can lower your overall damage.

Etaleo, if he is a damage dealer, should make his PRIMARY focus on staying near the enemy. This makes his cards easier to hit, and thus make him deal more damage and survive longer. If you are fighting a strong enemy, they can most likely 2-shot you at 0/0/0. If you land more cards, his insane life-steal will help you.

Etaleo as a summoner is not very reliable, since oftentimes minions cannot stand up in time to reach the enemy and punch them. However, landing more cards at the enemy can cause the minions to stand up immediately, and be very effective.

This should be self-explanatory, but Etaleo as a healer should NEVER try to go close to the enemy. His self healing should be able to keep him alive along enough to run away and get back to healing. Never use Etaleo's F as a healer. It will make the cards home towards your enemy, making them rather useless.

Upgrades Edit

  • Increase Etaleo's HP and Damage.
  • Increase the duration of Etaleo's F.
  • Decrease all of Etaleo's Cooldowns.