Minato yuki is a character that can be very OP if used right.

Moves Edit

Key Desc DMG PVE/PVP Cooldown
LMB Fire a lightning fast homing bullet, does low damage 50/5 to start off 1 Second
E Fire a cube bullet in the direction your facing, Does low damage but creates a wall of lasting squares 50/5 to start off ???
R Restore a portion of Minato's health instantly, long cooldown +220/22 HP ???
F Minato shoots himself in the head, halving your current health to permentntly increase speed and damage +30/3 DMG, +1 Walkspeed ???

Tips Edit

Minato yuki, is a character who heavily revolves around his f, called Self Improvement. His f does, damages him for half of his health, but gives him a speed and damage upgrade. Due to this, it can be abused, and you can hit an extremely high level of damage and speed.

The only problem is, you can be killed still, and you can still be respawned. Making minato, well... Really risky. Though, thankfully his R, Called Shouting Cry, Heals him for a good chunk of his health. This makes him not as risky, but you still can be killed due to it having an extremely long cooldown.

Your e is probably the most damaging move, it's a bullet that fires directly infront of you and goes forward, and leaves blue... residue behind it? look iunno. It does alot of damage so it's best you use it alot.

I tried okay?

Upgrades Edit

  • Increase Minato's Maximum Health.
  • Increase Minato's "Shouting Cry" (R) Heal.
  • Reduce Minato's "Self Improvement" (F) Cooldown. Also increases buff power.