River Vertus, in both versions of DB (Beater and Brawler), is a powerful character.

Moves Edit

Key Desc DMG Cooldown
LMB Fires a whirlpool that follows the mouse. Applies a whirlpool stack on hit. Whirlpool stacks increase the power of your next move. Unknown Unknown
E River creates a rain-cloud above him, point lethal shots down below for medium damage. Unknown Unknown
R River creates and rides a wave, dealing major knockback and medium damage to those hit. Unknown Unknown
F River creates a short burst of tsunami,which deals major knockback along side insane range. Unknown Unknown

Tips Edit

In PVE however, he gets the advantage of having lifesteal, since in Brawler, River has no upgrades (Unless if its 50/50/50 or 100/100/100 PVP). River's LMB is primarily used to attack from a distance, doing bit more than standard projectiles, as well as being controllable. Normally, it would be safe to just press E, R, and F at the same time when you are next to the opponent, which does MASSIVE amounts of damage. River's R can also be used to trap opponents in the corner, and chip away their hp, and if combined with E, it can also do massive damage. F is a huge move which is nearly impossible to dodge, as well as doing a good amount of damage. :y