Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Straight Shooter.

Samson will shoot a rope straight out of his hand forward. You can use this 3 times in a row before having to recharge.


E X Marks the Spot. Samson leaves a mark on the ground. When an enemy steps on the mark the enemy gets caught by 8 ropes for 7 seconds. 300
R Come here sweetheart. Samson shoots a rope where if it hits a wall he grapples towards it. If he hits an enemy he will instead grapple towards it and then kick the enemy away. 500
F To the gallows. Samson throws a rope in front of him. If the rope hits an enemy, they will be tied to the rope which drains HP over time. The farther you are from an enemy, the more damage he does. If you press F again, you tie the rope to a brick and throw it in the air. The brick stays in air for 5 seconds and stops the opponent. Also deals high damage on the second F press. Maximum drain time is 20 seconds 20(base drain)

800 (second F press)

X I want to die Samson trips and dies sets your health to 0

Upgrades Edit

Increase Samson's health.
Increase Samson's damage
Increase the amount of ropes you fire with your LMB

Tips (moves) Edit

Samson is a strong character in which he was so strong he can't be played in PvP (more details on that later) Samson's main form of attack is ropes which used, you guessed it, the rope constraints. Due to this Samson can be very buggy and hard to deal with.

Even though Samson is buggy he makes up for it with his high health, damage and stuns. His LMB "Straight Shooter" is a rope shot from your arms dealing medium damage. This move is very hard to hit due to the small hitbox but it makes up for it by having another utility. FLYING. Yup due to it being attached to you you can fly into the sky with it avoiding most attacks. Now you can probably see why its banned from PvP.

His E "X marks the spot" is an attack where you make a X and if an enemy steps on it it ties them to a rope stopping from moving until the rope disappears. This is basically a trap that makes an inescapable stun unless the rope disappears. This can be used when running away from an enemy to stop them from chasing you.

His R "Come here sweetheart" is an attack where you fire a different version of the LMB. The difference is that when it collides with something you grapple towards it. This is used as an escape move to evade attacks and such. Though due to the buggy nature of rope constraints this move is very glitchy.

His F "To the Gallows" is a 2 part move. The first F press makes him shoot a large rope which deals damage on hit. The second part makes Samson summon a brick and attach the rope onto the brick immobilizing the enemy. This move is used to stop enemy's movement and make it easier to hit the enemy.

Tips (Stats) Edit

Samson's base stats are 400 Hp and 27 Speed. His 50/50/50 stats are 1047 Hp and 27 Speed. Due to his garbage speed and having now way to upgrade it you have to use your stuns well and accordingly. Though it is OK because you have a high Hp pool. Another problem with Samson is with his long cooldowns. Certain moves take a long time to recharge so you must manage your attacks with Samson perfectly.