Zam Thane is a exclusive and possibly secret character in Devil Beater.

Moves Edit

Key Name Offical Description/Unoffical Description Damage Cooldown
LMB ??? ?? (Spawn cubes that fall on top of enemies.) 300 ???
E ??? ??? (Zam performs a spin jump and creates a huge AoE blast.) 400 ???
R ??? ??? (Zam creates a small AoE and dashes in the direction he is facing.) 200 ???
F ??? ??? (Fire a barrage of rainbow orbs in a circle.) 200 per Orb ???
T ??? ??? (Summons black orbs that home onto enemies.) 200 None

"Strategy" Edit

Zam is literally if not the scum of the earth in terms of DPS. Nearly every move is completely spammable with maybe the exception of his F, even then it's a low cooldown. Zam's entire gimmick is that he has an unnaturally high HP despite his already high speed and damage from his attacks. His T is the main attraction as you can use the bodies of your allies, or have the boss follow you far away enough to run into the giant mass of orbs that literally melts their HP like a warm knife on butter. Even without his T, his damage in itself is exponential with his F's orbs.

Conclusion Edit

Zam is literally the highest DPS non joke character, and even with joke characters like John Doe, Zam still ranks considerably high on potential DPS, making tanky bosses such as Avaxus or Xor become as fragile as spaghetti.